What They Are Saying about Jonny Santana

“There are few people in the world who are more committed to the craft than Jonny Santana. He’s one to watch for sure. I’d never bet against Jonny and his drive to be great.”

Tom Bilyeu
Founder & CEO of Impact Theory
Founder of Quest Nutrition

“Jonny Santana is the future of filmmaking in California. He is young, talented and determined and shows that he knows what it takes to excel in this very competitive field.”

Lawrence Roeck
Producer and Director
“The Forger” with Lauren Bacall
“Diablo” with Danny Glover

“Jonny was referred to me by a respectable film director.
I met with Jonny once, and I was mesmerized by his beautiful vision, passion, brilliance and immensely grateful heart. Based on this first meeting, Jonny could truly serve as a worldwide inspiration full of youthful wisdom,
love and light.”

Gina Cortes-Watkins
CEO, Diversity Impact Global / Co-Founder, Actors Workshop Studios

“Jonny puts such time, energy and attention inot everything he does. His work ethic is incredible and his pride in the results is out of this world. Working with him was such a joy!”


Lisa Bilyeu
President of Impact Theory / Founder of Woman of Impact